space of Retzius

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space of Retzius

An area in the lower portion of the abdomen between the bladder and pubic bones and bounded superiorly by the peritoneum. It contains areolar tissue, fat, and a plexus of veins.


Anders A., Swedish anatomist and anthropologist, 1796-1860.
cavum retzii - Synonym(s): space of Retzius
Retzius cavity - Synonym(s): space of Retzius
Retzius fibers - stiff fibers in Deiters cells.
Retzius gyrus - the intralimbic gyrus in the cortical portion of the rhinencephalon.
Retzius ligament - the deep attachment of the inferior extensor retinaculum in the tarsal sinus. Synonym(s): fundiform ligament of foot
Retzius space - Synonym(s): space of Retzius
Retzius veins - portacaval anastomoses. Synonym(s): Ruysch veins
space of Retzius - the area of loose connective tissue between the bladder with its related fascia and the pubis and anterior abdominal wall. Synonym(s): cavum retzii; retropubic space; Retzius cavity; Retzius space
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The bladder was then mobilized and the space of Retzius developed.
The space of Retzius was opened and the suprapubic fascia was taken down, taking care not to get any closer than 2 cm to the urethra or bladder neck.

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