Poirier, Paul J.

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Paul J., French surgeon, 1853-1907.
Poirier gland - a lymph node on the uterine artery where it crosses the ureter.
Poirier line - extends from the nasion to the lambda.
space of Poirier
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In addition to the ligamentous and potential bony disruption that occurs, the hyperextension of the carpus also results in increased widening of the space of Poirier. With enough force, the lunate will dislocate over the volar rim of the radius through the space of Poirier were it hinges on the intact SRL ligament culminating in stage four of Mayfield's pattern of instability.
The volar approach allows for repair of the volar capsular rent that is consistently found at the space of Poirier. (1,2) In patients with any evidence of median nerve compression or those with a stage 4 injury necessitating a direct reduction of the lunate, a carpal tunnel release is indicated that allows for inspection of volar capsule following release of the transverse carpal ligament.
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