space maintainer

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something that keeps or maintains existence or continuity in another thing.
space maintainer an orthodontic appliance, fixed or removable, that maintains the space left by a prematurely lost tooth or space that will be filled by a tooth not yet erupted.
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space main·tain·er

an orthodontic appliance used to prevent the loss of space or the shifting of teeth following extraction or premature loss of teeth.
Synonym(s): space retainer
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space main·tain·er

(spās mān-tān'ĕr)
Prosthetic replacement for a deciduous tooth that has been lost prematurely, to prevent closure of the space before the permanent tooth erupts.
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Space maintainer

An orthodontic appliance that is worn to prevent adjacent teeth from moving into the space left by an unerupted or prematurely lost tooth.
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space main·tain·er

(spās mān-tān'ĕr)
Orthodontic appliance used to prevent loss of space or shifting of teeth following extraction or premature loss of teeth.
Synonym(s): space retainer.
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