source program

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source program,

n a program coded in other than machine language that must be translated into machine language before being executed.
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By utilizing the tools and resources available to VMware Community Source Program members, NetEffect can improve its ability to deliver networking solutions that fully leverage the benefits of the VMware virtualized platform, and we welcome NetEffect to the program.
The VMware partner ecosystem continues to innovate in areas complementing the core value that VMware Infrastructure provides to customers, and the solution 3Leaf Systems is developing within the VMware Community Source Program is a great example," said Bernie Mills, senior director, ecosystem programs and marketing at VMware.
The Red Hat-Intel Solution Acceleration Program will give customers real-time access to the critical information, tools and support they need to build and optimize high-value Linux solutions on Intel-based platforms," said Jon Bork, Director of Intel's Open Source Program Office.
Open source programs typically run on the popular operating systems Windows, Linux and Macintosh and offer additional free features.
After gaining practical experience with the open source programs, IBM consultants report back to the three major higher-ed initiatives with the goal of tweaking and improving the programs.
This RFP is seeking cost-effective proposals from eligible applicants for supporting state, regional, and local partners and other non-federal stakeholders to build the institutional and programmatic capacity for accelerated implementation of agricultural conservation and other nonpoint source programs.