source program

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source program,

n a program coded in other than machine language that must be translated into machine language before being executed.
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Many of the most developed open source programs mimic popular software titles with broad applications.
The higher-ed landscape is strewn with such open source programs that fell by the wayside, he says.
We're turning Community Edition into our first large-scale open source project and will add all the usual tools such as a public code repository, a bugtracking system and more feedback channels," said Florian von Kurnatowski, Scalix's newly appointed director of open source programs.
0, users have access to powerful infrastructure software that can help speed their adoption of SOA by mitigating both financial risk and the risk of vendor lock-in," commented Debbie Moynihan, director, Open Source Programs, IONA.
The Celtix community has delivered a very important milestone that offers users a powerful, robust open source ESB that can provide a solid foundation for their ongoing SOA initiatives," explained Debbie Moynihan, director, Open Source Programs, at project sponsor IONA.
The new functionality and build system in Milestone 4 makes it easier for the community of projects that rely on the Celtix runtime to consume Celtix source code and supports the use of Celtix in real-world SOA deployments," explained Carl Trieloff, director, Open Source Programs, IONA.
With the delivery of Milestone 3, the Celtix project compares favourably with available commercial ESBs," explained Carl Trieloff, director, Open Source Programs, IONA.