source material

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source material,

n the substance used as a basis for a homeopathic remedy. This substance could be chemical substance, human, animal, vegetable, or mineral in origin or even magnetism, x-rays, or sunlight. Also called
basic product, crude material, crude substance, raw material, and
starting material. See also mother tincture; drugs, standardization of; and stock.
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As an expansive open-world title it gets stuck in third gear, although adherence to the insane source material keeps it elevated above the pack.
For source material being processed or in a dispersible form, such as liquid or powder, the limit on the use or transfer at any one time without a license is decreasing from 15 to 3.
Since many biofuel source materials are non-homogenous in nature, getting a representative sample may not be easy.
Once an allergenic source material arrives at the manufacturer, or has completed production at the same facility, it is typically identified under the microscope or by definitive chemical or biochemical procedures.
While it is certainly understandable that not all issues of these magazines are available--or were available when the book went to press--by choosing not to account clearly for the source material, Rooks unnecessarily undermines an otherwise compelling work.
In terms of theme, available source material and investigative approach, social history offers tremendous opportunities for students to undertake small-scale investigations that vary in nature and scope, enabling them to learn in depth through practical experience.
Rowling's huge doorstop books aren't great source material for good movies.
Mortal peril, the threat of thieves, hostile Indians, and the challenges of surviving and no man's land with few laws and less enforcement make for an exciting succession of dangerous adventures that provide the would-be writer with source material to craft popular stories beyond his wildest dreams.
There is no way that surround effects synthesized from two-channel source material can do this, but SACD and DVD-A (and DD and DTS) can do it easily.
This elegantly written book, winner of the 2001 MLA James Russell Lowell award, offers a challenging perspective on how scholars might conceptualize clothing as a literary and historical source material.
While the remnants of recordings and documentation available as source material to the producers of this collection were wildly haphazard, the Project succeeds in creating a powerful evocation of a time and culture gone by.
These institutional collections, containing prime original source material for early modern European intellectual history and the history of the printed book, also reflect the denominational character and the ethnicity of the Chicago-area institutions that assembled them.