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source language,

n a language that is an input to a given translation process.
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The 'dynamic equivalence' or 'functional equivalence' theory stresses the importance of transferring meaning from source language to the target language, rather than transferring the grammatical form.
If the context of use in the source language does not match the context of use in the target language, the literal meaning may be translated, but the metaphor as metaphor is lost, because that particular word or collocation may not "mean" anything at all in the context of use.
Perhaps most controversially, Yao--although he claims a type of neutrality in this matter--does seem to be boosting the claims of the translator who does not know the source language well and to be looking down on the poor old traditionalists with disdain.
Following the grouping of answers according to the source language, they were further divided into seven categories described earlier (see section 2.
RBMT programs are highly advanced and allow a native speaker of the target language to comprehend what is written by the native speaker of the source language.
During the experiment, the source language was the foreign language, and since it was the native language that was used both for production and monitoring of the sight-translation performance, the source (foreign) language was 'inhibited' as far as production is concerned (cf.
R is a powerful open source language which allows those familiar with it to perform complex statistical calculations, data analysis, and create graphics.
The mother tongue is a solid ground for learning foreign languages, even though the negative transfer in case of a Finno-Ugric source language may be striking.
After several years in development, Language Weaver has introduced LW Statistical Syntax software to produce fluent, high quality translation systems, particularly for languages where the grammatical structure of the target language is significantly different than the grammatical structure of the source language.
All the winners thus far have come from European languages, but the prize is very adamantly for any language translated into English, with the strange addendum that "(if in doubt about your source language, please contact us).
In order to determine the laws of adaption, she investigates whether a borrowed word preserves the shape in had in the source language, or changes to match the phonetic rules of Tuvan.
Visit Realm's website to learn more about these solutions, as well as reXML, the open source language for exchanging data between Realm and other applications: www.