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source file,

n a file containing information used as input to a computer program.
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Here are some best practices to help minimize an unexpected adverse impact from using open source code in proprietary software:
They can reduce software development and related costs by downloading open source code and customizing it for their (or their clients') needs without reinventing the wheel.
Developers that leverage the CADM can utilize an off-the-shelf XML "parser" module to provide the interface services for XML type data, thus eliminating the development of huge amounts of source code (data handling and error checking is a large part of a program).
Krugle pushes more efficient use of open source code through highly specialized code search that allows our customers to search first, find examples, smooth out license issues, and mitigate many risks surrounding the use of open source software.
0 includes a SDK that lets organizations extend authorization, authentication, and encryption to existing applications without source code changes.
Fortify Source Code Analysis Suite and Watchfire AppScan check for security vulnerabilities throughout the SDLC from development through deployment.
CodeMatch uses sophisticated algorithms to compare source code files and rank them according to correlation scores.
This will start in September with the source code release of a web services platform for administration infrastructure, data access and application integration, the Scalix Web Access mobile client for wireless devices, the new search and indexing service and the Scalix installer.
The Microwave Division of Siemens' COM Group selected Mocana after a thorough source code evaluation.
today released the source code for Hyperic HQ, the first open source platform for managing all commercial and open source IT assets, and also unveiled a new community portal to promote collaborative development of the application.
1 extends Klocwork's leadership in automated defect and vulnerability detection through the addition of dozens of new checkers for C, C++ and Java source code analysis, in addition to enhanced capabilities that make it easier for K7.
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