soundex code

soun·dex code

a sequence of letters used for recording names phonetically, especially in linkage of records of various types.
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Hence the matching of string is done using the soundEx code not the actual Sindhi text string, thus increasing the efficiency.
The comparison according to the Sindhi soundEx algorithm is shown in table 2, where two Sindhi words are shown with similar soundEx code. The two words used here are [??]{Pakestan: noun} which is an incorrect or misspelled word and the correct spelling of this word is [??]{Pakistan: noun}.
All the similar sounding words generated, have same soundEx code and thus were grouped.
For the image on the left in figure 3, the soundEx code is "x060DZ".
Johnes, or Jons, all of which have the same Soundex code and will automatically come up in the search.
The purpose of the Soundex code [is to cluster together names that have similar sounds MVA, 02].
Soundex encoding--1918--The purpose of the Soundex code is to cluster together names that have similar sounds.
The program can generate Soundex codes, and eliminate duplicate records based upon actual data or sound-alike data.