sound pressure level

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sound pres·sure lev·'el (SPL),

a measure of sound energy relative to 0.0002 dynes/cm2 or 20 μPa, expressed in decibels.
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Since the logarithm of negative values cannot be calculated, the sound pressure levels for these parameters were set to "(0)".
[L.sub.Aeq]--A-weighted equivalent sound pressure level obtained for 1 shot,
In order to calculate sound pressure levels, the engine was placed in a virtual semi-anechoic chamber where the plane under the engine is assumed to be reflective.
At sound frequency of 0.4 kHz and sound pressure level (SPLs) of 90 dB, the structure of plasma membrane protein changes significantly (Zhao et al., 2002).
Hence, the A-weighted sound pressure level, [L.sub.A], which would represent the noise level at receiver was calculated based on (6) considering the same distance from the source position to the prediction point (20 (m)), and the same [DELTA][L.sub.cor,i] for the entire traffic conditions in order to release the effect of determinants other than traffic condition on sound propagation estimation.
Table 8 represents the Sound Pressure Level of the Original Input Signal and G.722 Codec output signal.
In addition, it has been obtained that for each frequency, increasing the input power will result in increasing the sound pressure level. Also, the effect of thermal saturation in the thin film has been studied for the frequencies higher than the 8000 Hz.
TABLE 1 Sound Pressure Level Distribution at Different Locations in the Lagos Metropolis Location Name of Location Average Sound Pressure # Level (dB) Morning 1 Agege (railway crossing) 88.1 [+ or -] 6.9 2 Alaba International Market 84.3 [+ or -] 9.6 3 Alimosho-Ikotun Bus Terminal 78.9 [+ or -] 6.5 4 Computer Village 80.9 [+ or -] 1.6 5 Ebute-Meta Train Terminus 81.9 [+ or -] 3.1 6 Egbeda 79.2 [+ or -] 7.4 7 Iddo Train Terminus 78.9 [+ or -] 6.5 8 Ikeja Bridge 75.8 [+ or -] 4.8 9 Ikeja City Mall 78.9 [+ or -] 11.9 10 Ikeja L.G.A.
Baed on correlation coefficient analysis results, MLR model between subjective annoyance and A-weighted sound pressure level, loudness, articulation index could be expressed as
Figure 6(b) shows the sound pressure level power spectral density measured at different frequencies.
Measured sound pressure levels associated with air gun pulses were low and usually undetectable close to the fyke nets, reflecting the loss of low frequencies in shallow water (~1.5 m).