sound pressure level

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sound pres·sure lev·'el (SPL),

a measure of sound energy relative to 0.0002 dynes/cm2 or 20 μPa, expressed in decibels.
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The C-weighted peak sound pressure level parameter, i.e., [L.sub.Cpeak] was considered to be the most important parameter concerning impulse noise exposure.
where [H] and [G] are NxN matrices, {[p.sub.s]} is the sound pressure vector, and {[v.sub.n]} is the surface velocity vector.
Although the travel of sound in liquid and air is basically similar, the sound pressure level varied considerably.
[L.sub.A,i] is A-weighted sound pressure level (noise level at receiver) (dB(A))
where [[gamma].sup.2] (f) is coherent function of sound pressure and velocity fluctuations, and [E.sub.u] (f) is the power of velocity fluctuations.
The sensation of the booming sound is perceived as a dynamic sound or powerful sound because it compresses the passenger's ear with high sound pressure level.
They showed that the sound pressure increases as frequency increases.
The data acquisition equipment is used for sound pressure acquisition and vibration acceleration acquisition.
Because these samples are also acceleration and sound pressure which belong to the same category with training samples, they played a pretraining effect and optimized the parameters.