sound pressure level

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sound pres·sure lev·'el (SPL),

a measure of sound energy relative to 0.0002 dynes/cm2 or 20 μPa, expressed in decibels.
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According to the Zwicker's empirical data [8], the relative difference of the pitch effect is linearly proportional to the difference of sound pressure level between the order of booming sound and its side orders.
It is also, shown using near field acoustic holography (NAH) measurements in [7] by Asgarisabet et al that the sound pressure level distribution is not uniform on the CNT thin film, which is contrary with the assumption of uniform acoustic properties in the lumped parameter models.
It's guaranteed that background noise is 10 dB (A) lower than a sound pressure level of actual noise in vehicle and experiment results could not be disturbed by other casual noise source.
Sound pressure levels experienced by fishes vary not only with source levels and distance from sources, but also with environmental conditions.
Ultrasound waves are then transmitted through the hologram and interfere behind the relief plate in such a way that the sound pressure reproduced the dove of peace in a container filled with water and micro-particles.
The control of DL was realized by ANE system by adjusting the gain coefficients of five sound pressure amplitude inputs from modeled BPANN.
Bosch has been investigating the use of graphene in pressure, magnetic, humidity, gas and sound pressure devices.
With respect to the objectives of research including noise pollution, modeling and determining caution and danger areas in the factories, the scale of noise measurement at network A, the speed of the apparatus response at SLOW mode and the position of sound pressure level at RMS mode were selected.
This is done by measuring the sound pressure in each octave band and subtracting it from the certified sound power.