sort of test

'sort of' test

Lab medicine A popular term for a test with a low level of sensitivity that 'sort of' (possibly; with broad caveats) suggests a particular diagnostic entity. Cf Confirmatory test.
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It's the sort of test we want and we're grateful Aberdeen are coming to play us.
There are only three rivals in the handicap chase and this beast likes the sort of test which is on offer here.
A young man with a wealth of promise, but a dearth of first-team experience, has become some sort of test case in a sparring match between the Bundesliga and, as so many Germans would call us, the "stupid-money English".
Steel Wave hasn't yet hit the heights that may have been expected when joining Willie Mullins but the eight-year-old should enjoy this sort of test and wasn't disgraced at Killarney last month.
"It's been a really good start and I think I'd advise a lot more players to sort of test themselves outside Wales as well because Wales is such a goldfish bowl," he told the BBC.
They are not to appear in any sort of test before written.
The facility of every sort of test will be available in these labs having an automated system.
Coleman had said before the game that heading to Kiev was a "risk" given the sort of test posed by fellow Euro 2016 finalists Ukraine and the environment Wales were heading into.
In 2009 the court was told that of the 17,000 "suspicious" phone numbers being used to query metadata information, only about 2,000 had passed any sort of test for the "reasonable, articulable suspicion" the court required.
We would like to appeal to him that Prithviraj Chavan is having a sort of test, an examination.
It's the sort of test Australia, during their dominance of cricket, would routinely pass.