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A very sweet reducing, but not fermentable, 2-ketohexose obtained from the berries of the rowan/mountain ash, Sorbus aucuparia (family Rosaceae), and from sorbitol by fermentation with Acetobacter suboxydans; epimeric with d-fructose and used in the manufacture of vitamin C.
Synonym(s): sorbin, sorbinose, sorbitose
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029 * Values along the same column-for each media with different superscripts are significantly different at different storage times, NA= Nutrient agar, MCA= MacConkey agar, CHA= Chocolate agar Table 5: Characterization and identification of micro-organisms Sample NA MCA CHA Gram +ve -ve +ve Motility -ve +ve -ve Catalase +ve +ve -ve Coagulase +ve -ve -ve Indole Test -ve +ve NT Oxidase sugar -ve -ve -ve Glucose +ve +ve +ve Sucrose +ve +ve +ve Maltose +ve +ve -ve Lactose +ve +ve +ve Arabinose -ve -ve -ve Mannitose +ve +ve +ve Sorbitose -ve -ve -ve Urease +ve -ve - Staphylococcus Escherichia Enterococcusa aureus Coli Faecalis NA = Nutrient agar, MCA = MacConkey agar, CHA = Chocolate agar