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sophrology (sō·frôˑ·l·jē),

n an alternate term for the field of hypnosis; still in limited use in some countries. See also hypnosis.
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I was a little embarrassed to confess I''d never heard of sophrology, but apparently it's all the rage in France and is a way of breathing and meditating, which helps those who live stressed modern lives to relax, unwind and find "their inner selves".
There are now numerous means of dealing with these symptoms; methodologies such as sophrology, relaxation therapy, psychological support, hypnosis and medicine intake all claim to ease the major symptoms of tobacco withdrawal.
Emphasis: Ensembles, accompanying, chamber music, private lessons, technique, repertoire, sight reading, workshops and sophrology.
There is sophrology to help you deal with stress and insomnia, a back workshop to help prevent and cure all back problems, beauty treatments for body, face and hair, and make-up lessons.