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Nutrition A virtually extinct term for the adulteration of foods or medicines
Vox populi Urbanity; suavity, refinement
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Market sophistication refers to credit investments, according to Dela Pena.
At SMBC, we have been employing AI to raise the efficiency and sophistication of data analysis/processing, but this procedure is being performed manually and involves trial and error.
As improving agro-processing takes time, the think tank urges prioritizing diversification and advancement in product sophistication over the short and long term.
Pakistan ranked 100 in business sophistication with knowledge-intensive employment being ranked at a worrisome 103 and females employed with advaned degrees at 94.
This year's index was calculated based on detailed measures of innovation inputs and outputs - including 80 indicators providing insights on the various areas of innovation, most notably institutions, human capital & research, infrastructure, market sophistication, business sophistication, knowledge & technology outputs, and creative outputs.
"As one of the world's few cocoa growing chocolatiers, our products offer sophistication, style and uniqueness.
Still, the efficiency enhancers are made up of opportunities in higher education and training, goods and market efficiency, labour market efficiency, financial market sophistication, technological readiness and market size.
AN article appeared in the Chronicle regarding High Bridge in Newcastle as "the height of sophistication," revealing upmarket pubs and restaurants and a high-profile redevelopment.
This requires the firm to create and possess a level of technological sophistication (Covin, Slevin, & Heeley, 2001) in order to survive and thrive.
The Philippines moved up five notches to rank 47th out of the 140 economies assessed for the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index 2015-2016 on the back of the country's favorable macroeconomic environment, capacity for innovation and business sophistication.
Gok says: "Clean lines and structure, coupled with romantic baroque prints and soft, luxurious fabrics take this collection to a whole new level of sophistication." | Gok for Tu, a 34-piece capsule collection priced from PS10-40, is in selected Sainsbury's stores now.
The codes of sophistication that Greenberg describes as characteristic of late modernist satire--deliciously at play in Flora Poste's affective regulation of Cold Comfort Farm, but already hard to associate with Matthew O'Connors grotesque wanderings through Nightwood--are just plain gone in Molloy.