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To adulterate.
[Mod. L. sophisticare, pp. sophisticatus, to alter deceptively, fr. G. sophistikos, deceitful]
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Then we'll be able to look as bored and sophisticated as any Sophomore of them all.
But with successive Latin, Medieval, and Renaissance writers in verse and prose the country characters and setting had become mere disguises, sometimes allegorical, for the expression of the very far from simple sentiments of the upper classes, and sometimes for their partly genuine longing, the outgrowth of sophisticated weariness and ennui, for rural naturalness.
But it is a vain enterprise for sophisticated Europe to try and understand these doings.
I thank thee for thy good intentions, friend Sancho," answered Don Quixote, "but I would have thee know that all these things I am doing are not in joke, but very much in earnest, for anything else would be a transgression of the ordinances of chivalry, which forbid us to tell any lie whatever under the penalties due to apostasy; and to do one thing instead of another is just the same as lying; so my knocks on the head must be real, solid, and valid, without anything sophisticated or fanciful about them, and it will be needful to leave me some lint to dress my wounds, since fortune has compelled us to do without the balsam we lost.
I could not quite understand it, for I am sufficiently sophisticated to know that this is a symptom of love and I certainly did not love this filthy little barbarian with her broken, unkempt nails and her skin so besmeared with mud and the green of crushed foliage that it was difficult to say what color it originally had been.
The state of mind in which we merely consider a proposition, without believing or disbelieving it, will then appear as a sophisticated product, the result of some rival force adding to the image-proposition a positive feeling which may be called suspense or non-belief--a feeling which may be compared to that of a man about to run a race waiting for the signal.
In recent years, many franchises have shifted their growth strategy away from small, single- and multi-unit franchisees to larger, more sophisticated operators, including multi-unit developers, private-equity firms and joint ventures.
Once home to some of Manhattan's most glamorous and sophisticated women, from Grace Kelly to Candace Bergen, the Barbizon Hotel at 140 East 63rd Street has been stunningly transformed into a grand, European-style luxury condominium now known as Barbizon/63.
Data indicate that though misconceptions exist in both Naive students (those who had not completed any psychology courses) and Sophisticated students (those who had completed five to fourteen psychology courses), the concepts that most define what a psychologist is and what they do (e.
Today's industrial vacuum cleaning systems, capable of picking up material as heavy as bowling balls or as fine as a mist, are now far more sophisticated than their brethren, the common shop vacuum.
To be honest, that is the view of Christians, at least of traditional Christians, taken by the sophisticated in modern society.