To produce sound.
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professor at the University of California San Francisco made history by becoming the first to sonify and visualize brain activity in real time in front of a live audience.
9) It is possible however that artworks can directly sonify data and inhabit a space in between Ars Informatica and Ars Electronica.
Using ethanol, it is possible to sonify the aggregates at sub-zero temperatures.
Music Buddha, the company that started out to sonify music selection on the Web, has called it quits, since it was last featured in BLACK ENTERPRISE (see "Have It Your Way," Techwatch, May 2001).
Using the Beatnik Audio Engine, a BeIA-powered Internet appliance will be able to play Beatnik's Rich Music Format (RMF) files, which can be used to sonify Web pages or any digital device.
Non-Chemical and Non-Ablative Melanoma Treatment : Sonify Biosciences LLC is developing a novel melanoma treatment based onnon-chemical, non-ablative ultrasound technology.
Lines to Help Sonify Client Websites and Deliver Audio
The new partnership underscores the growing prominence of and demand for the skills to sonify Web sites with interactive music and sound.
According to Elias Arts' President and CEO Martin Pazzani, "we are honored to be working with the Challenged Athletes Foundation and to sonify their fundraising benefit at The Waldorf.
While the Pulse platform previously supported interactive audio for content streaming to a Pulse Player window, Sonicopia's technology can additionally sonify all HTML elements external to the Pulse Player window on any page, including navigational features, images and roll-overs.
Additionally, Media 100 will use the Beatnik service to sonify its own Web site including the incorporation of Beatnik's Audio Engine.
Having already begun to pool our talent and resources, Beatnik and Mixman is becoming a powerhouse for the leading music software, Web-based communities, Web audio technologies and content needed to sonify the Web.