To produce sound.
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Together with the pianist, they managed to sonify a range of moods in sudden, unexpected changes -melancholy, optimism, explosions of emotion, luscious melody, passion, even madness, but also a sense of triumph.
Take, for example, Jonathan Perl and Marco Tedesco's collaboration to sonify Greenland's glaciers.
"Finding Meaning in Data: Using Data Elements to Sonify and Visualize the Found Environment." Sound 9.1-2 (2016): 73-90.
Desde el CERN, se ha apoyado tambien otros proyectos especificos destinados a la popularizacion de los resultados del LHC, como LHCsound, cuyo objetivo era "to sonify particle physics data generated" y el desarrollo de productos comerciales gratuitos como "ringtones and an LHC sound iPhone application" con el fin ultimo de "to make complex and abstract scientific research more accessible for lay people" (Suppe, 2014) (2).
(2001), "Babble Online: Applying Statistics and Design to Sonify the Internet," Proceedings of the 2001 International Conference on Auditory Display Espoo, Finland, 29 July-1 August.
(9) It is possible however that artworks can directly sonify data and inhabit a space in between Ars Informatica and Ars Electronica.
Console Actions Label What It Does System Selection menu for target stars Fit Save Brings up dialog box to save a fit Fit Open Allows user to open a previously saved fit Integrate Computes a model with improved accuracy Orbital View Allows user to plot the model planetary orbits Fold Window Allows user to plot data at a specifi ed periodicity Periodogram Tests for likely planetary periods periodogram of residuals Evaluates if additional planets might be present ChiSq Evaluates the planetary model; 1.00 is optimal Polish Automated fit improvement Sonify Generates audible sound from current fit RMS (Root Mean Square) Another measure of fit quality; the lower the better Req.
Using ethanol, it is possible to sonify the aggregates at sub-zero temperatures.
Music Buddha, the company that started out to sonify music selection on the Web, has called it quits, since it was last featured in BLACK ENTERPRISE (see "Have It Your Way," Techwatch, May 2001).
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