An instrument that produces sound waves, especially those of the frequencies used in sonification procedures.
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Contract awarded for Acquisition Of 400Watts Vastigo Sonifier
These solutions were shaken with a Branson 2510 sonifier for 220 min in SET DEGAS and homogenized with a Fisher Vortex Genie 2[TM] shaker at "speed eight" for 10 min (Tavares et al.
Briefly, ultrasonic irradiation was generated from a Transducer Digital Sonifier Model 450 (Branson Ultrasonics Corporation) with a maximum power input of 400 W at 20 kHz.
All aliquots were centrifuged for 2 min at 1000 rpm, resuspended in PBS, and lysed using a Branson Digital Sonifier 450 (Danbury, CT).
The residue was dissolved in 100 [micro]L methanol, stirred for 1 min, and sonicated for 30 s in a bath sonifier.
The cyanobacteria cultures were centrifuged at 10 600 g for 5 min, the medium was poured out and cultures were resuspended in 80% acetone solution and sonicated using a sonifier cell disruptor (Branson Digital Sonifier S-450D, USA) for 20 s each in an ice bath, with 40 s cooling breaks up to one minute at 70% intensity.
The second laboratory process (Figure 1B) we evaluated was probe sonication (50 W; 40% duty cycle) of 100 mg/L previously mixed CNMs for 20 min inside an unventilated sonication enclosure (Branson Sonifier model 450; Branson Ultrasonic, Danbury, CT).
0 mL of deionized distilled water using ultrasonic disruption (Branson Model 250 sonifier, USA).
The high pressure homogenizers are considered to result in narrower DSDs than the sonifier based on the uniformity of the exposure of all elements of the emulsion to the same shear conditions.
We used a Branson 450 Sonifier, set close to maximum output to ensure that the skins were removed before the aggregate thawed completely.
Tissue samples were sonicated at a setting of 25 (range 0-100, Branson Sonifier 250 (Branson Ultrasonics, Danbury, CT) for 10 sec in 50 mM Hepes, pH 7.