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1. to expose to sound waves; to disrupt bacteria by exposure to high-frequency sound waves.
2. the products of such disruption.
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To expose a suspension of cells or microbes to the disruptive effect of the energy of high frequency sound waves.
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(sŏn′ĭ-kāt) [L. sonus, sound]
To expose to sound waves.
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Q. do you know what are the pros and cons of the Sonic toothbrush from Oral B (electric tooth brush)? last night, my best friend raved about it for a whole hour. My dentist told me to use a soft brush (number 35) to clean my teeth and that the electric brushes are a bit over rated. My friend specifically told me about the Sonic product and told me that it also makes his teeth whiter. I wanted to know if anybody has any knowledge or experience from first hand about this product or any good information about it.

A. Thank you for the frank answer. I wonder if I can find a really soft electric toothbrush

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If the preparation of the acryloid solution produces many air bubbles (as a consequence of stirring the pellets in acetone), sonicate the vial until all the bubbles have risen to the surface.
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