sonic waves

son·ic waves

audible sound waves, as distinguished from intrasonic or supersonic waves.
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In conjunction, the company's US Patent is a system and method of directing vibrational oscillating sonic waves toward a target tissue in the body of a person to influence both genotype and phenotypic differentiation of the target tissue at a cellular level, including a sonic generator wherein predetermined frequency from the programme to monitor and entrain, via an epidermal patch, the desired phenotypic response from the targeted in-vivo cellular structure.
by Gautam Viswanathan, [email protected] Some of the key experiments to be carried out by the scientists are the testing of the Aouda spacesuit, mapping techniques through sonic waves, and field tests of rovers.
This work will be extended to investigate the effect of sonic waves and microwaves on the living things specifically the human beings to avoid the possible hazard.
Teenaged power trio Mean Jay, with Carissa Ramos on bass, Zachary Zerrudo on drums and 16yearold axe phenom Joko Reantaso, likewise made sonic waves participating in the Youth Showcase portion of the competition and impromptu gigs up and down Beale Street.
Further calculates the parameters of the sound wave to select the size of mesh for better convergence, so in this paper was considered EMAT configuration to produce SH sonic waves.
The use of sonic waves, whose noise levels are magnified under water, risks harm to marine life.
They used devices that rely on sonic waves to measure atmospheric wind at high frequency and in several dimensions, allowing them to study fluctuations in wind movement in the midst of high temperatures and humidity.
In a single treatment on a kidney stone, as many as two thousand of these sonic waves may be used, with no damage to the surrounding soft tissue.
Sonic waves alter the texture of a projected image, making it look smooth or rough.
Five momarsa for the supply of (a) a three and four dimensional ultra sonic waves instrument, (b) an electrium radioactive instrument for the Cat scanning and atomic scanning unit, (c) a two dimensional ultra sonic waves instrument, (d) three anesthetic instruments with monitor and (e) other different instruments for the Skin Division including an isoflurane anesthetic instrument, an artificial breathing instrument, a monitor and an electric shocks instrument.
He can project sonic waves that, on low-power, can knock out an opponent.
More interesting though, is one possible solution which is to use sound-emitting technology; speakers carefully positioned that emit sonic waves that pigeons just can't stand.