sonic waves

son·ic waves

audible sound waves, as distinguished from intrasonic or supersonic waves.
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The use of sonic waves, whose noise levels are magnified under water, risks harm to marine life.
They used devices that rely on sonic waves to measure atmospheric wind at high frequency and in several dimensions, allowing them to study fluctuations in wind movement in the midst of high temperatures and humidity.
Sonic waves alter the texture of a projected image, making it look smooth or rough.
He can project sonic waves that, on low-power, can knock out an opponent.
More interesting though, is one possible solution which is to use sound-emitting technology; speakers carefully positioned that emit sonic waves that pigeons just can't stand.
The energy which is transmitting through this periodical pressure and volume vibrations in the longitudinal direction could be characterized as transmission power through sonic waves (Constantinescu, 1985).
The energy transmitted through these periodical longitudinal pressure and volume vibrations is in fact power transmission through sonic waves.
JAPAN: Old fashioned toothbrushes are losing favor with consumers who prefer electric models that feature increasingly advanced functions, such as generating sonic waves and heads that vibrate at high speed.
Borrowed from the way bats can navigate in the dark by bouncing sonic waves off nearby objects is the key to the revolutionary new device.
Take the sonic waves of the three bands that will perform at 9 p.
This system cleans with a combination of 31,000 brush sweeps per minute and the gentle sonic waves help remove nearly twice as much plaque and other unmentionables from between your teeth.