sonic waves

son·ic waves

audible sound waves, as distinguished from intrasonic or supersonic waves.
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Their sound and stellar contribution was celebrated appropriately with vigour and delight, supported by Cuddly Shark, whose biting sound grabbed the crowd's attention with their fantastic sonic waves and exciting power pop songs.
Its intravascular lithotripsy platform helps tackle cardiovascular disease by sending sonic waves through arteries to break up calcium deposits. 
In the coming years the general consensus is that the North Slope will continue to see a surge in interest, exploration, and production from both Outside interests and Alaska's veteran oil and gas companies such ConocoPhillips with its Greater Moose's 2 and Willow projects, Hilcorp with its Moose Pad wells at Milne Point, and BP's recent seismic survey of 400 square miles of Prudhoe Bay designed to find previously "hidden" pockets of oil through sonic waves.
The Department of Radiology is a distinguished part of the available devices such as dental radiology, sonic waves, general rays of pregnant women and teeth.
Electronics firms have been promoting a wide array of products, claiming they improve skin tone and suppleness using various light frequencies, sonic waves, and ion charges.
An FBI report in January failed to uncover any evidence to support the allegations that sonic waves were used against the US diplomats.
For some, they introduced sonic waves into the foundation and listened for the echoes.
In conjunction, the company's US Patent is a system and method of directing vibrational oscillating sonic waves toward a target tissue in the body of a person to influence both genotype and phenotypic differentiation of the target tissue at a cellular level, including a sonic generator wherein predetermined frequency from the programme to monitor and entrain, via an epidermal patch, the desired phenotypic response from the targeted in-vivo cellular structure.
by Gautam Viswanathan, [email protected] Some of the key experiments to be carried out by the scientists are the testing of the Aouda spacesuit, mapping techniques through sonic waves, and field tests of rovers.
The technology is said to be based on patented bending wave techniques, which can control "sub-sonic and sonic waves" across a flat or curved surface.
This work will be extended to investigate the effect of sonic waves and microwaves on the living things specifically the human beings to avoid the possible hazard.