sonic scaler

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sonic scaler

in dentistry, an electromagnetic or compressed air-driven mechanized instrument used to remove calculus, bacterial biofilms, and root surface accretions. Various sized and shaped tips may be placed into the handpiece in order to reach various areas of the tooth and root surface. Compare ultrasonic scaler.


(ska'ler) [O.Fr. escale, husk]
1. A dental instrument used to remove calculus from teeth.
2. A device for counting pulses detected by a radiation detector.

magnetostrictive scaler

An electrically powered device used for calculus and tartar removal as an alternative to ultrasonic scaling or manual curettage. Typical units use a stack of metal strips in the handpiece and move in an elliptical pattern.

sickle scaler

A manual device used to remove supragingival calculus. The instrument has two parallel cutting edges on the face of the blade that converge to form a point. It is effective but slow and damages enamel more than ultrasonic or magnetostrictive scalers.

sonic scaler

Ultrasonic scaler.

ultrasonic scaler

A device that uses high-frequency vibration to remove stains and adherent deposits on the teeth.
Synonym: sonic scaler

sonic scaler,