sonic scaler

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(ska'ler) [O.Fr. escale, husk]
1. A dental instrument used to remove calculus from teeth.
2. A device for counting pulses detected by a radiation detector.

magnetostrictive scaler

An electrically powered device used for calculus and tartar removal as an alternative to ultrasonic scaling or manual curettage. Typical units use a stack of metal strips in the handpiece and move in an elliptical pattern.

sickle scaler

A manual device used to remove supragingival calculus. The instrument has two parallel cutting edges on the face of the blade that converge to form a point. It is effective but slow and damages enamel more than ultrasonic or magnetostrictive scalers.

sonic scaler

Ultrasonic scaler.

ultrasonic scaler

A device that uses high-frequency vibration to remove stains and adherent deposits on the teeth.
Synonym: sonic scaler
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Sonic scalers took the longest time to debond a bracket which was on the average of 7022.28 seconds.
As sonic scalers have less vibration than ultra- sonic one so 36% debonding failure with this scaler is not surprising.