sonic device

son·ic de·vice

(sonik dĕ-vīs)
Electronically powered device that uses energy to vibrate tip to break calculus from the tooth surface; consist of a handpiece that attaches to the dental units high-speed handpiece tubing and interchangeable instrument tips. Its instrument tip vibrates between 3000 and 8000 cycles/sec (3-8 kHz).
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A COUPLE using a sonic device to stop their neighbour's children screaming outside are facing court action.
But, in a pioneering move, the church installed a Mosquito sonic device in its porch.
There was also one control arena where neither bucket contained a sonic device.
Meanwhile, in a bid to scare off errant birds at the MIAA that could pose hazards to aircraft safety, the authority announced said that they are planning to acquire a sonic device to scare birds away.
The story is set against the backdrop of extreme tension between the rival states of Syldavia and Borduria, whose agents will stop at nothing to get their hands on the professor's revolutionary sonic device.
A SONIC device designed to drive young louts away from shops must be investigated by the Home Office, according to a West Midlands MP.
Cats with an electronic sonic device killed 51% fewer birds and 38% fewer mammals than cats wearing plain collars.
When he read claims that the Super BirdXPeller PRO, a sonic device from Chicago, IL-based Bird-X, Inc.
What finally did work, according to Sluka, was BirdXPeller PRO, an electronic sonic device that replicates the distress calls of birds.
For places like day-care centers or in commercial food preparation areas, Weisel said he uses a sonic device to move rats to a different location before he sets traps and bait.
The patent-pending combination of an advanced pain relief gel with an FDA-listed therapeutic sonic device with three personalized massage heads is the most OTC advanced pain treatment in the market, providing maximum long lasting pain relief.
They can compare the numbers recorded by the sonic device with the numbers seen on CCTV.