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Mark I., late 20th-century U.S. laryngologist. See: Blom-Singer valve.
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The 'Fifty Shades' star confirms that she once thought working with Harris is a "bad idea" and her long distance relationship with him makes her "pretty sad," despite ( a report from The Sun saying the songstress is "smitten" with Harris.
Fans have posted social media well wishes and greetings to the musical legend today, including co-patriot songstress Nawal Al Zoghbi.
The Scottish songstress seemed elated to be on the stage and swapping between keyboard, drums, classical and electric guitar, this artist has talent by the bucketload.
According to the songstress, she has been affected by the defeat and change in government because she no longer gets the opportunity to perform at corporate events like she used to when NDC was in power.
Songstress' rep shunned down all the rumours and said the report was "100% fictional," according to ( Us Weekly.
Which Marwa do you think is the real her: Ramadan or racy songstress? Please share by commenting below.
ANOTHER attempt to join the 3am Girls: spotted on an evening out with the in-laws - songstress Amy Winehouse walking towards London's Leicester Square, head down, trying not to be noticed despite her distinctive hair and make-up.
Like Scots songstress KT Tunstall, the actress believes second-hand outfits and accessories beat those from designer stores.
After a recent Top Of The Pops appearance, songstress Jennifer Ellison was heard enthusing over the bottles of pricey Fiji water in her dressing room - until she was told where it comes from.
Best-selling songstress Dido has revealed she will be coming to Cardiff International Arena.
The 23-year-old British songstress recently released her new single, which according to a Daily Mail ( report the Fifty Shades actress is hoping will make a debut at no.
Just over a year ago, Syrian songstress Asala Nasri, shocked Lebanese fans by saying that she would never set foot in their home country as she "didn't feel safe" .