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sonant (son´ant),

n a speech sound that has in it a component of tone generated by laryngeal vibrations (e.g., “a-a-a,” “z-z-z”).
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The Cobra CBTH8 contains the same T5 Sonance Noise Cancellation Technology made famous by the original Cobra CBTH1 Deluxe Bluetooth[R] Headset, allowing for clear cellular transmissions.
Its intelligent audio design with the addition of T5 Sonance Noise Cancellation Technology blocks outside noises by counteracting any interfering sound frequencies, allowing for clear cellular transmission that is unrivaled by other Bluetooth([R]) wireless technology devices.
Triad, Sonance, and Polk Audio are all market leaders and for them to choose StreamNet technology to bring to market their IP Speakers is a resounding endorsement of NetStreams' technological leadership in audio distribution over TCP/IP," said Kevin Reinis, NetStreams' President and CEO.
New content compatibility for streaming audio throughout the house with enhanced iPod integration through the Sonance iPort[TM], enabling recognition of all Apple iPod [TM]-supported audio files, including Apple FairPlay, AAC, and mp3 formats.
Ember, DSC, HAI, Eaton, Wellspring, CardAccess, Sonance iPort Music, and VisionArt/ Solar Shading Systems.
Sonance, the company that invented the in-wall speaker, has standardized on SolidWorks([R]) software to design speakers that fill homes with great music while conserving space and aesthetic appeal.
Ltd, Sonance, Velodyne Acoustics, Verity Audio, Visonik, and Yamaha Corporation of America.
1 CH Reference A/V Surround Receiver Krell Industries Krell Evolution One Amplifier Sonance Sonamp 275 SE With BBE Technology Multi-room Audio/Video: NuVo Technologies Inc.
EHX also has the support of the Silver Sponsors: Intel, M&S Systems, Russound, Sonance, Superna, Universal Remote Control, and Vantage Controls.
Russound, the leader in multiroom audio and video products for the residential market announced today it has acquired the amplified volume control (AVC) patent from Sonance.