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It differs from the known six, conspecific subspecies in the combination of the following characters: structure of exopodite of antennae and mandibular palp, presence of inner seta on the first segment of legs 2, and equipment of abdominal somites.
The Dmrt2 gene is expressed in gonadal tissues with species difference, as well as in some nongonadal tissues such as somites (Meng et al.
2003), the more invasive procedure of somite cross-transplantation was not attempted in the previous study.
Students use dowels to roll out sheets of blue ectoderm to represent skin and red mesoderm to represent somites, as well as rolling long cylinders representing spinal cord (green neural ectoderm), notochord (red mesoderm), and gut (yellow endoderm).
It occurs due to the failure of normal segmentation of cervical somites in weeks 3 to 8 of gestation.
First four tergal somites of the opisthosoma not demarcated externally except by patterns of tubercles and coloration, tergite 5 distinguished anteriorly by incomplete transverse groove, tergites 6, 7, 8 + 9 and anal operculum demarcated by transverse grooves.
Typically, KFS results from failure of the normal segmentation of the somites during weeks 3 to 8 of gestation.
By 84 hours, the retina was pigmented, and somites and the pectoral fin were developed.
The basal support for the hindbrain is provided by parachordals that are formed from the sclerotome portion of anterior somites.
They are derived from the neuroblastic anlage associated with the dorsal roots of vertebral somites or primitive cells associated with cranial nerve ganglia.
3, 4A) are elongate with a cephalothoraxial region covered by a carapace, an abdomen consisting of six somites, and a tail fan (telson).