Pertaining to the influence of the body framework (soma), or neuromusculoskeletal system, on the function of the internal body systems and organs.
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The results of the study suggested that in dysmenorrheic women, increased afferent barrage from the reproductive organs toward the central nervous system may increase the excitability of somatovisceral convergent neurons in the spinal cord.
These experiences become part of the somatovisceral system, and she uses the neurological concepts of situated actions and simulations to explain this concept.
Semantic, evaluative, and selfreference processing: Memory, cognitive effort, and somatovisceral activity.
The reported percentage of patients with somatovisceral conditions was significantly negatively correlated with the number of workers' compensation cases.
[8] Studies have suggested that somatovisceral local anesthesia with long-acting local anesthetic agents relieves incisional, intra-abdominal, and shoulder pain in LC.
The role of somatovisceral afference, with special emphasis on somatovisceral "illusions".
Obviously, secondary to somatovisceral and visceralsomatic reflexes, many of these patients will seek chiropractic care as they often complain of sub-clinical neurological and diffuse musculoskeletal symptoms.
The role of somatovisceral afference, with specific emphasis on somatovisceral 'illusions'.
Neurovertebral influence upon the autonomic nervous system: some of the somato autonomic evidence to date--part II: somatovisceral. Chiropr J Austr.
They were very enthusiastic about somatovisceral reflexes and had a broad vision that was often illustrated in Dave's drawings.
(9,10) Furthermore, modulation of local spinal cord neurophysiology can cause a change to the afferent arm of the somatovisceral reflex, however it is likely that supraspinal influences play a major role in this effect.