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Having a stimulating effect on body growth.
Synonym(s): somatotrophic
[somato- + G. tropē, a turning]
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, somatotrophic (sō'mă-tō-trō'pik, -trō'fik)
Having a stimulating effect on body growth.
[somato- + G. tropē, a turning]
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Alcohol, slow wave sleep, and the somatotropic axis.
The inhalation glucocorticosteroids (IGCS), which are in use for a long time as a basic anti-inflammatory BA treatment, is capable of influencing many key factors involved in the children body development: secretion and effect of somatotropic hormone, effect of an insulin-like growth factor, collagen synthesis, and production by adrenal glands of androgens [10,11].
ACTH: Adrenocorticotropic hormones; DCA: Desoxycorticosterone; GAS: General adaptation syndrome; STH: Somatotropic hormone (growth hormone)
(2008) observed that the IGF-I levels accurately reflected growth rate prior to elevations in sex steroids, suggesting that IGF-I may provide an endocrine signal between the somatotropic and reproductive axes that growth rate and/or size are sufficient to initiate gonad development.
A role for the somatotropic axis in neural development, injury and disease.
The role of the somatotropic system in cognition and other cerebral functions.
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This may reflect the lack of body weight change in the SI mice and indicates that chronic social isolation stress exerts a greater effect on adiposity with little impact on the somatotropic axis.

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