a type of acidophil of the adenohypophysis that secretes growth hormone.
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A cell of the adenohypophysis that produces somatotropin.
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, somatotrope (sō-mat'ō-trōf, -trōp)
A cell of the adenohypophysis that produces somatotropin.
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GH-1 is expressed in somatotroph cells of pituitary whereas other paralogues are all placentally expressed.
The lateral part of the pars distalis: pars distalis (PaD), acidophilic cell (AC), basophilic cell (BC), chromophobe cell (CC), sinusoid (Sin), somatotroph cell (SC), thyrotroph cell (TC), gonadotroph cell (GC), corticotroph cell (ACTHC).
Neuronal M3 muscarinic acetylcholine receptors are essential for somatotroph proliferation and normal somatic growth.
This possibility is supported by the presence of GH immunoreactivity in the brain prior to the ontogeny of the pituitary gland and somatotroph differentiation, as has been demonstrated in the human and chicken brain (20,21).
Eighteen of 20 patients carried PROP1 mutations had gonadotroph and somatotroph deficiency at postpubertal age, while two patients had corticotroph, thyrotroph, and somatotroph deficiency at pubertal age.
Lugli et al., "Factors predicting pasireotide responsiveness in somatotroph pituitary adenomas resistant to first-generation somatostatin analogues: an immunohistochemical study," European Journal of Endocrinology, vol.
It increases growth hormone secretion per cell by depolarizing somatotroph membrane and by stimulating receptors present on immune cells20.
Raams et al., "A new progeroid syndrome reveals that genotoxic stress suppresses the somatotroph axis," Nature, vol.
Stress-induced HPA axis activation and GH-induced somatotroph adenoma growth are mediated via the STAT3 pathway [107].
Pure somatotroph adenomas patients were significantly likely to present with abnormal glucose metabolism, independent of GH/IGF-1 levels or tumor invasiveness [21].