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a type of acidophil of the adenohypophysis that secretes growth hormone.
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, somatotrope (sō-mat'ō-trōf, -trōp)
A cell of the adenohypophysis that produces somatotropin.
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He was eupituitary, and during follow-up, his somatotrope axis evaluation was consistent with mild and intermittent biochemical evidence of GH excess (IGF-1 ranging between 168 and 398 [micro]g/L and incomplete GH suppression on OGTT (Table 1)).
Medical researchers from Europe, Australia, Japan, the US, and South America address immune-neuro-endocrine reflexes, circuits, and networks; inflammation and thymus aging; intrahypophyseal immune-endocrine interactions; pituitary autoimmunity; the role of prolactin as an immunomodulator in health and disease; anti-PIT-1 antibody syndrome; leptin, neuroinflammation, and obesity; thyroid autoimmunity and cancer; the role of cortistatin in the stressed immune system; steroids and autoimmunity; endocrine autoimmunity in Down syndrome; the somatotrope growth hormone-releasing hormone/growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor-1 axis in immunoregulation and immunosenescence; and the endocrine immunology of Chagas disease.
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Direct modification of somatotrope function by long-term leptin treatment of primary cultured ovine pituitary cells.
In GC cells (a somatotrope tumor cell line) treated by GHRP-6 it has been observed that GHS increases GH release activating a G-protein coupled to the GHS receptor (GHSR), which activates the [IP.sub.3]-PKC signaling pathway [8].
Oudet C, Effets de L'hormone somatotrope sur la croissance du cartilage condylien et de la synchondrose spheno-occipitale de jeunes rats en culture organotypique.
(27) This reflects the autonegative feedback on the somatotrope from the arginine ingestion.
(2004) stated that Pit-1 is an essential for development of somatotrope, lactotrope, and thyrotrope cells in the anterior pituitary and it transactives expression of the genes encoding GH, PRL, and TSH-b.
In women, the hPL (human Placental Lactogen) acts in a coordinated manner with the somatotrope hormone, stimulating the production of maternal IGF-1 factor and modulates the intermediate metabolism, which favors the increase of glucose available for its transfer to the fetus (Munoz & Lopez-Oliva, 2004).
A recent study of our group added a new role to resistin, regulating pituitary somatotrope cell function.
VEGF expression has been described in all cell types in the normal pituitary, with greater expression in somatotrope and follicle-stellate cells.