somatic cells

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so·mat·ic cells

the cells of an organism, other than the germ cells.
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so·mat·ic cells

(sō-mat'ik selz)
The cells of an organism other than the germ cells.
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Somatic cells

All the cells of the body with the exception of the egg and sperm cells.
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In dairy cows, somatic cell count (SCC) is an important diagnostic tool to identify cows with subclinical mastitis.
The following variables were analyzed: milk yield, milk composition (fat, protein, lactose, and total solids), somatic cell count (SCC), and fatto-protein ratio (F:P ratio).
The use of bulk milk Somatic Cell Count (SCC) as an indicator of farm hygiene has been related to the potential human health risk.
The technique of somatic cell cloning in mammalians has been developed in the last few decades after the production of the first cloned sheep from a mammary gland cell [1].
The abundance of microbes in milk is reflected by the presence of somatic cells in milk.
In addition, it was suggested that Npm could improve development of nuclear transfer embryos by facilitating reprogramming of the somatic cell nucleus in bovine (Betthauser et al., 2006).
Somatic cell count (SCC) is used as indicator of udder health in the cow (60s primigenius taurus y Bos primigenius indicus), sheep (Ovis aries) and goat (Capra hircus) [35, 36].
In their method, somatic cells were permitted to grow and divide.
Relationship between parity and cellular composition of somatic cells in milk of Chinese Holstein cows.
Most somatic cells lack sufficient telomerase, and so every time somatic cells proliferate, they progressively shorten their telomeres.
Lately, the reprogramming of somatic cells to induced pluripotent stem cells (so called iPSCs) has become very popular.
"Somatic cells are white blood cells secreted by the cow and are one of the key indicators of whether raw milk is suitable for refinement.