somatic cell hybridization

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so·mat·ic cell hy·brid·i·za·tion

production of a heterokaryon.

somatic cell hybridization

the process of fusion between different SOMATIC CELLS (such as human and rodent cells) to produce hybrid cells in which there is often one fused nucleus. Such a process occurs in cell cultures and the products are useful in establishing the expression and location of particular genes.


1. pertaining to or characteristic of the body or soma.
2. pertaining to the body wall, not the viscera.

somatic afferent system
the system of sensory neurons scattered around the body and responding to pain, touch, temperature and other external stimuli.
somatic cell
see somatic cell.
somatic cell count (SCC)
measurement of somatic cells in milk. An indication of mastitis. See also linear score.
somatic cell hybridization
fusion in the laboratory of two different populations of somatic cells.
somatic mutation
see somatic mutation.
somatic myoneural junction
somatic nerves
nerves supplying the body wall and limbs.
somatic pain
pain emanating from muscles, skeleton, skin; pain in the parts of the body other than the viscera.
somatic sensation
central perceptions of sensory stimuli from the body wall and limbs include touch, temperature, tickle, itch, pain, conscious proprioception.
somatic theory
this postulates that very few immunoglobulins are inherited but there is great diversification in differentiating somatic cells.