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so·lu·tion (soln., sol),

1. The incorporation of a solid, liquid, or gas into a liquid or noncrystalline solid resulting in a homogeneous single phase.
See also: dispersion, suspension.
See also: solution of contiguity, solution of continuity.
2. Generally, an aqueous solution of a nonvolatile substance.
See also: solution of contiguity, solution of continuity.
3. In the language of the Pharmacopeia, an aqueous solution of a nonvolatile substance is called a solution or liquor; an aqueous solution of a volatile substance is a water (aqua); an alcoholic solution of a nonvolatile substance is a tincture (tinctura); an alcoholic solution of a volatile substance is a spirit (spiritus); a solution in vinegar is a vinegar (acetum); a solution in glycerin is a glycerol (glyceritum); a solution in wine is a wine (vinum); a solution of sugar in water is a syrup (syrupus); a solution of a mucilaginous substance is a mucilage (mucilago); a solution of an alkaloid or metallic oxide in oleic acid is an oleate (oleatum).
See also: solution of contiguity, solution of continuity.
4. The termination of a disease by crisis.
See also: solution of contiguity, solution of continuity.
5. A break, cut, or laceration of the solid tissues.
See also: solution of contiguity, solution of continuity.
Synonym(s): solutio
[L. solutio]


(so-lu'she-o) [L. solutio, explanation, solution] Solution.
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Adicionalmente, se atestigua que para la edad arcaica, la obligacion nacida por gestum per aes et libram debia extinguirse con el gestum contrario: solutio per aes et libram; asi mismo la obligacion nacida verbis por medio de la sponsio mediante pregunta y respuesta debia extinguirse con los verba contraria de la acceptilatio.
Hansberry takes great pains to demonstrate the complexities of the situation in Zatembe; it is unlikely she would abandon these complexities to, as Morrison put it, "boil [the play] down" to the rather simplistic solutio n of killing all whites.
It is telling that Bentham imagined this solutio n to the problem of visibility as primarily of use for the construction of factories and prisons.
Its value is obviously not an optimal solutio n for VCO performance.
The authors discuss three interrelated parts of the study results-the sexism that is part of the culture of the superintendency, the silence of the educational administration professions about women superintendents' discriminatory experiences, and the study participants' proposed solutio ns for the problems of sexism and silence.
When an individual's epistemological beliefs match the features required in a solution for a problem, that individual is likely to outperform others whose beliefs do not match the features of an appropriate problem solutio n.
The Racal effort is understood to involve operational analysis and is to be broken down into a number of sub-efforts looking at areas such as bi-multistatic systems, waveform types, frequency optimization, signal processing, interferometric solutio ns and platform applications.
While there is a kernel of truth in some of these concerns, most are grounded in stereotypes and fears about disability rather than in reality; these fears impede the development of workable solutio ns for legitimate concerns.
Also, owners of some properties, such as federally-subsidized apartment projects, are generally obligated to rent at below-market levels, and thus, can be expected to resist the fee simple solutio n.
Constraint equations in terms of equality and inequality relations are added to impose problem limitations on the overall solutio n.
Such studies may shed new light on the interactive processes that shape outcomes such as the speed of adaptation, psychological discomfort incurred, and the balance of influence between self and role demands that characterizes the negotiated solutio n.
55) The resemblance between a number of passages in the Solutio and in the Corpus Leontii had made Johann Peter Junglas(56) believe that Leontius of Byzantium was largely indebted to Pamphilus who preceded him.

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