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Cardiology An ASIR, single-chamber, rate-modulated pulse generator. See Pacemaker.
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Solus and its cohorts didn't set out to be merchants.
Solus showcased its new retail experience display at the festival.
SOLUS: an exclusive range of innovative services for Axiell customers
Chay Woodman, Wickerman's Solus Tent booker, said: "The idea behind the tent since 2006 has always been to keep it diverse, interesting, unique and surprising.
The Stranglers to head out on 40th anniversary tour with date at Solus, Cardiff University on March 20, 2014.
The Alphatec Solus ALIF device features two counter-rotating titanium blades, which are designed to deploy into adjacent vertebrae on a zero-degree axis, locking the device in place.
Nobody from the company was available for comment yesterday, however, it is thought a Solus coach was sent to collect those pupils stuck in France.
Solus, Latin for solitude, revolves around Zachariah Sultan, a human encyclopaedia who knows a little about everything.
"Dark Solus: An Assassin's Tale" follows the lust for revenge carried by Dark Solus, a young man trained as an assassin to get revenge for the death of his parents.
CUI (Tualatin, OR) has introduced the engineering release, and initial customer sampling of, the NQB Series isolated DC/DC quarter brick based on their patented Solus Power Topology.
Eastman Chemical Company has introduced its newest Solus performance additive, Solus 3050, specifically engineered to help formulators meet VOC, performance and productivity goals in waterborne coatings systems.
Other bond holders, represented by Solus Alternative Asset Management and Harbinger Capital Partners, two hedge funds, said they had an alternative bid and filed a term sheet with the court.

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