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Bottom; the lowest part.
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Solum aspires to understand originalism (and, for that matter, living constitutionalism) "in their best light--in their most sophisticated and defensible versions" (p.
As Solum acknowledges, they reject the public meaning thesis and the interpretation-construction distinction thesis (pp.
Thus, when all is said and done, according to Solum himself, we definitely are not all originalists now.
Solum, by contrast, developed his new originalism to overcome the theoretical errors and excesses not only of the old originalists but also of Legal Realism and Critical Legal Studies.
Furthermore, Solum advances a very different understanding of construction than Whittington.
Let's be clear about what Solum claims about the significance of the distinction between interpretation and construction.
Furthermore, Solum says that originalism is a theory of interpretation, not a theory of construction.
First, Solum concedes that much that is important in constitutional law goes on in the construction zone in deciding hard cases and developing constitutional doctrine.
Second, what Solum says about how construction should proceed--how he proposes to build out doctrine and decide hard cases in the construction zone--and about how original public meaning should constrain construction even if it does not determine it, is compatible with a moral reading.
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