soluble material

sol·u·ble ma·te·ri·al

(solyŭ-bĕl mă-tērē-ăl)
Substance that dissolves in a liquid.
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One marker for possible soluble material is the presence of calcite or gypsum, often observed as crystals in the soil.
The glaze I was working on is unique because it uses a soluble material (borax) that has been sintered and used as an unsieved component in the glaze," Sturino explains.
This problem is more acute for materials which are hygroscopic in nature, such as water soluble material like P400.
Viscosity, thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and percent soluble material by Soxhlet extraction were used to evaluate the degree of devulcanization under various processing conditions.
25 N HCl, the soluble material was discarded, and the insoluble collagen remnants were rendered soluble by gentle heating for a day or two in a rocking bath of 0.
The pressure and increased temperature help the solvent extract as much soluble material as possible from the sample.
An active composting process will turn the waste organic matter and soluble material into humus.
When the first batch of beans has been decaffeinated and has given up its other coffee soluble material to the water, those beans are discarded.
It comprises groundbreaking OLED material innovations, including both the latest small molecules for evaporation and soluble material systems for printing each customized for the specific application.
Phase contrast was achieved by sinking the specimens in toluene for ~1 h to extract the soluble material S in the surface.
The ideal form of recycling is through devulcanization in which the vulcanization process is reversed to provide a soluble material for re-use.

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