soluble glass

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sol·u·ble glass

a silicate of potassium or sodium, soluble in hot water but solid at ordinary temperatures; used for fixed dressings.
Synonym(s): water glass


1. a hard, brittle, often transparent material, usually consisting of the fused amorphous silicates of potassium or sodium, and of calcium, with silica in excess.
2. a container, usually cylindrical, made from glass.

glass embolism
small particles of glass from a vial may be injected suspended in a fluid.
ground glass
may be used in an attempt to poison animals maliciously but has little effect. May cause transient enteritis.
glass housing
glass cover of the x-ray tube; contains the anode and cathode and the vacuum that makes generation and control of the x-ray beam possible.
soluble glass
glass in which the magnesium and calcium content have been modified from that in normal glass so that it is much more soluble in water or ruminal contents. Used in the form of a reticular retention bolus as a vehicle for therapeutic agents such as antibiotics or anthelmintics which are delivered to the animal over a period of weeks or months.


susceptible of being dissolved.

soluble glass
see soluble glass.
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