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To make substances such as fats soluble in water by the action of a detergent or similar agent.
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The strategies include either solid form manipulation using amorphous, salt or cocrystal form, or solvation methods using materials that can solubilize the drug compound such as cosolvents, surfactants or cyclodextrins.
2008), suggesting that the pH decrease, usually associated with the production of different organic acids, may be one of the mechanisms used by these bacteria to solubilize the mineral and release the K present in their crystalline structure.
The major objective of the research was to determine the solubilization potential of selected isolates to solubilize insoluble soil minerals such as potassium in vitro.
However, all the selected isolates were able to solubilize TCP in NBRIP agar media.
From the chemical chelates EDTA seem to propose the best potential to solubilize Pb and Cr For Cu and Cd the effectiveness of DTPA is the highest Fungal species were weak in competition with the chemical chelates, but provided an alternative for remediation in form of adsorbing the heavy metals in their biomass.
However, our results showed that the strain USDA110 was able to solubilize a great quantity of P using the two sources of phosphates.
The isolated phosphate solubilizing fungus was further screened for their ability to solubilize phosphate and insoluble phosphate was measured quantitatively in liquid medium.
The resulting technologies, the Lateral Ultrasonic Thrust (LUT) and the Fresnel Annular Segmented Actuator (FASA) element, are the basis of a single instrument that can thaw, solubilize, mix, and suspend drug discovery in 96- to 3,456-well microplates.
Other laboratories had reported the use of alcohols or detergents to solubilize lipid extracts for cholesterol analysis with enzymatic reagents (1-3).
Some no-clean fluxes are more water-cleanable than others, but this is typically in open areas; the fluxes do not solubilize or are not rinsed well in areas of entrapment (below components and in vias).
With their ability to solubilize hydrophobic drugs, lipid-based drug delivery systems have proven to improve drug absorption and dissolution rates in the gastrointestinal tract.