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To make substances such as fats soluble in water by the action of a detergent or similar agent.
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The isolates solubilised metal in solid as well as liquid media.
These mistletoe extracts contained either lectins (aqueous extract, viscum) or cyclodextrin solubilised triterpene acids (TT) such as oleanolic and betulinic acid and combinations thereof (viscumTT).
Bend Research CEO, Rod Ray, said, 'The strategic addition of this certification, combined with new capabilities such as high-potency spray-drying and future commercial spray-drying, strengthens Bend Research's position as a preferred provider for oral solubilised, modified-release, inhalation, and many other dosage forms.'
It is concluded that the addition of solubilised mistletoe triterpenoids to conventional mistletoe extracts improves the efficacy of mistletoe treatment and may represent a novel option for the treatment malignant melanoma.