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a solo practitioner who uses Excel for an array of employee-related records and Outlook for many business and personal scheduling functions; James Smith, M.
Historically, in the practice of medicine and the healing arts, however, the most common pattern was the solo practitioner.
At the beginning of his presidential term, Desmond, a solo practitioner in Tallahassee, expressed his desire for the YLD to unite technology and communication, encouraging attorneys to publicize professionalism programs and to foster a sense of camaraderie among members.
Although the private solo practitioner was not traditionally team-oriented, today's group practice and clinic settings emphasize working cohesively within the group or clinic, as well as with ancillary staff and mid-level providers.
Although the solo practitioner who sees the patient consistently for all care needed is probably in the best situation to provide continuity, too often it is not achieved.
Supreme Court defeats of the American Medical Association's efforts to ban prepaid group practice in the early 1940s paved the way for current market forces that have reduced the solo practitioner to minority status in the American health economy.
When I first became an attorney, the solo practitioner in every small town and large city was there to serve the citizens or noncitizens.
Since 1989 he has been a solo practitioner in the Florida Keys.
Except in the case of the solo practitioner who takes his own calls each night, this type of continuity is very difficult to achieve.
The Solo Practitioner Committee of the Palm Beach County Bar Association is compiling names to include in its first ever Solo Practitioner Guide.