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eremophobia, autophobia, monophobia.
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Moral actions are neither purposeful, reciprocal, contractual, calculable, nor rational: they are person, solitudinous. "If solitude marks the beginning of the moral act, togetherness and communion emerge at its end." "We are not moral thanks to society (we are only ethical or law-abiding thanks to it); we live in society, we are society, thanks to being moral.
Kvaedhi '94 is an understated, quiet, solitudinous book that repays many readings.
Having thus in effect established a resemblance between that embodiment of "madness" (V.152) and the Leechgatherer in point of their solitudinous and single-minded quixotic pursuit, Wordsworth proceeds to exact from the literal nightmare-episode in Prelude V the same sort of moral concerning strength of mind that he takes from his figuratively nightmarish encounter with the leechgatherer.