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eremophobia, autophobia, monophobia.
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I am in one of the moods when solitude, even for a moment, is dangerous.
Having parted from my friend, I determined to visit some remote spot of Scotland and finish my work in solitude.
Thus situated, employed in the most detestable occupation, immersed in a solitude where nothing could for an instant call my attention from the actual scene in which I was engaged, my spirits became unequal; I grew restless and nervous.
I thought of the discipline of the Church, the refuge that she affords to sorrowing souls, understood at last the beauty of a life of prayer in solitude, and was fully determined to
There seemed to be no end to this waste solitude, shut in by its lofty mountain barriers.
The cell with its deal wainscot, the hard bed, the solitude, all appealed to my soul.
De plus, la relation entre le leadership, la solitude professionnelle et l'autoefficacite sociale ne semble pas avoir ete etudiee.
Park City--DEER VALLEY RESORT entered into an agreement to purchase SOLITUDE MOUNTAIN RESORT in a private acquisition and will begin operating the resort on May 1, 2015.
In a world gone wild for wikis and interdisciplinary collaboration, those who prefer solitude and private noodling are seen as eccentric at best and defective at worst, and are often presumed to be suffering from social anxiety, boredom, and alienation.
There are other ways I get my battery recharged by solitude; and solitude involves silence, since I am not yet in the habit of talking to myself.
Emerson was well aware that without the framework of interaction set by society, with all its noise and complication, solitude, which he loved, could be hurtful to that society as well as meaningless.