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soliton (sōˑ·l·tôn),

n a type of highly coherent wave that does not readily disperse. These solitary waves are sometimes used to explain the effects of energy medicine.
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However, being a solitary pulse, the action potential represents a wave in an active medium and is not a soliton [11].
A soliton becomes discernible at a distance of 125 km (water depth 240 m) from the origin of the transect (Fig.
Broadband self-pulsating fiber laser based on soliton self-frequency shift and regenerative self-phase modulation," Opt.
Soliton uses leading-edge analytics to detect nefarious activities and actions via rules-based Indications of Behavior (IoB) and machine-learning.
A Yamabe soliton is a special soliton of the Yamabe flow that moves by one parameter family of diffeomorphisms [[phi].
t=0] = -2[PHI] we get the almost Ricci soliton equation (6).
The result of this computer simulation at [xi] = 20 is presented in Figure 2, superimposed with the expected position of the vector soliton given by
Even though (1), (2), and (3) may adequately describe the propagation in a single-mode waveguide, switching operations, and routing, other optical effects which involve soliton pulses require the interaction between two or more modes [13,14].
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The short pulses generated in the microresonator are known as optical solitons (example tsunami wave).
cr], beam diffraction is balanced by beam-induced refraction and then form a soliton [4].