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soliton (sōˑ·l·tôn),

n a type of highly coherent wave that does not readily disperse. These solitary waves are sometimes used to explain the effects of energy medicine.
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At V(x') = 2[alpha]x' and b = 2, we can also get a corresponding soliton solution from the above process.
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The introduction of the concept "soliton automaton" in [5] has been inspired by this research, with the intention to capture the phenomenon called soliton waves [4] through an appropriate graph model.
We have done our homework and are very excited about IFT's technology," said Soliton president Kevin Cody.
Soliton technology revolutionizes the economics of transmitting data over vast distances, as it requires less terminal equipment than traditional long haul networks because the signal does not need to be continually regenerated along the network.
At a later time, the entire soliton stops completely and becomes a nodal surface.