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/sol·i·tary/ (sol´ĭ-tar″e)
1. alone; separated from others.
2. living alone or in pairs only.


(sŏl′ĭ-tăr-ē) [L. solitarius, aloneness]
Alone; single or existing separately.


being the only one or ones.

solitary cyst
solitary tract nucleus
the brainstem nucleus of the solitary tract, the tract carrying afferent parasympathetic nerve fibers.

Patient discussion about solitary

Q. Can any one let me know what the single best exercise for legs is? I tried lots of exercise for legs which finally ended in pain. Can any one let me know what the single best exercise for legs is?

A. The best exercise for your legs is "Squats," says a professor (Ph.D.,) of kinesiology at the University of Connecticut. Our experts are in accord: Nothing builds legs like squats because they're a compound movement that stimulates all major muscles of the legs.

Q. In what way the herbal drugs are safer when compared to their single active ingredients?

A. What makes the difference is the presences of different constituents of plant materials which makes them more balanced when compared to isolated plant ingredients and is less likely to cause side-effects and the herbs are prescribed in different combination thus they balance each other.

Q. can any one tell me whether could a person with bipolar disorder, be a single parent? I am unmarried. I had a lot of dreams in my family life but my husband expired the next month soon after our marriage. I am not pregnant too. I don’t want to remarry because I am recently diagnosed as bipolar. I don’t know whether my suffering will spoil my partner’s happiness if I marry. So I like to live alone and to give life to an orphanage child. So can any one tell me whether could a person with bipolar disorder, be a single parent?

A. Okay here is what I think. Bipolar disorder effects everyone in the family. It is important that you find someone to share your life with if that is what you want out of life. There are many of us out there that are patient and caring, it is an issue of being honest and waiting for the right person. If you are being treated and are stable I dont think it would be a problem addopting a child. Be honest and things will work out. Continue your treatments and stay on top of your illness and you can have everything in your life that you desire. When it is ment to be it will be. Be patient, show the agency that you are stable and are being treated for the illness. You are fully capable of giving a child a great life. Good luck!

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One of HMP Grampian's highestprofile inmates is racist killer Imran Shahid, who won a court case in 2015 about the amount of time he was spending in solitary.
Kalief Browder's tragic death brought almost immediate attention to the brutal treatment that catalyzed it, and the practice of solitary confinement in particular.
Since I finished writing 23/7, California has implemented significant reforms to its long-term solitary confinement policies.
The lawsuit alleged cruel and unusual punishment and due process violations and demanded access to adequate prenatal care as well as a complete end to solitary confinement for pregnant women.
Abdul-Salam, Nidal and Noureddin Amer, who come from the Qalqiliya-area village of Beit Amin, have started an open-ended hunger strike since November 2 in protest of being held in solitary confinement in the Israeli prison of Eshel.
The supporting activists circulated hashtags on Facebook and Twitter, including #no_to_ solitary _confinement and #Freedom_for_Moshagheb.
It provides a much-needed comparative analysis of different aspects of the practice of solitary confinement, such as its purpose and authorization; challenges and appeals concerning, and limitations on, its use; and accommodations, access to the outside world, and the use of physical restraints.
Critique: Comprised of article contributions by twenty-one informed and informative men and women, "Hell Is a Very Small Place: Voices from Solitary Confinement" is an inherently fascinating read from beginning to end.
Solitary confinement, which is often used arbitrarily and to punish minor rule infractions, is a form of torture.
The Black Solitary Eagle (Buteogallus solitarius) inhabits subtropical and tropical montane forests between 600 m - 2,100 m from western Mexico to northern Argentina, but has a patchy distribution (Howell and Webb 1995; Clark 2010) and is considered rare in many areas (Thiollay 1985; Ramos 1986; Howell and Webb 1995).