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That line on a constitution diagram indicating the temperature below which all metal is solid.
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We believe that Spring Valley is a high priority development project for Waterton which is evidenced by a recent royalty purchase Solidus made (Pershing County June 26, 2019 filing) of up to a 1% NSR on Spring Valley from a third-party.
* The variations in the microporosity and tensile elongation can be reasonably predicted when the local value of the solidification time and solidus velocity are known via solidification modeling.
To pack this new tomato brand, Pure Hothouse Foods used solid board enriched with tomato plant fibres, produced by SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS, a manufacturer of solid board and solid board packaging.
one of the key characteristics relevant to semi-solid processing is the width of the interval between the solidus and liquidus.
Together with their partners in the Westland (the area in The Netherlands known for greenhouse horticulture), Solidus Solutions developed a procedure to produce solid board using tomato plants.
Consequently low melting phases, like Fe-S (isothermal eutectic solidus temperature of 988[degrees]C [6]) play an important role in the content.
The implemented Solidus eCare multimedia solution is also used for outbound call campaigns."
BNAK is an over-the-counter exchange where Swiftcoin and Solidus bonds can be bought and sold.
Darlene Tucker, president of Solidus Technical Solutions in Leominster, received the Entrepreneurial Success award.
The depth dependence of the schist solidus is from Patino-Douce and Harris (1998).