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That line on a constitution diagram indicating the temperature below which all metal is solid.
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The solidus was below that of the leaded alloy but higher than the lead/bismuth free alloys, The deoxidation of the Cu-Bi alloy appeared to reduce the solidification range by approximately 10.
To pack this new tomato brand, Pure Hothouse Foods used solid board enriched with tomato plant fibres, produced by SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS, a manufacturer of solid board and solid board packaging.
Together with their partners in the Westland (the area in The Netherlands known for greenhouse horticulture), Solidus Solutions developed a procedure to produce solid board using tomato plants.
The origins of the names 'penny' for denarius and 'shilling' for solidus are uncertain but similar words exist in German and other northern European languages.
One of the key characteristics relevant to semi-solid processing is the width of the interval between the solidus and liquidus.
Esta vez Ciceron y Calcidio coinciden en los usos: primero el abstracto femenino soliditas (el cuerpo del mundo necesita de la "solidez"), despues el neutro substantivado solidus para aludir a "los solidos".
00 Aloy Solidus Nicuman 23 1,700[degrees]F/925[degrees]C Nicuman 37 1,573[degrees]F/855[degrees]C Alloy 548 1,6207/880[degrees]C Aloy Liquidus Nicuman 23 1,750[degrees]F/955[degrees]C Nicuman 37 1,6807/915[degrees]C Alloy 548 1,6911/920[degrees]C
When the temperatures in shallow mantle exceed the peridotite solidus, melting will occur, and the upward movement of melt will transport the heat-producing elements to the crust.
Its name originates from the Latin word solidus which refers to its well known healing properties.
Virulence of the cestode Schistocephalus solidus and reproduction in infected threespine stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus.
Philippe von Stauffenberg, founder and managing partner of UK private equity group Solidus Partners, represents a group of private and institutional investors that backs the management team of DSD on the transaction, DSD said in a statement on Thursday.
Jeff Grant tells about a word among coins: "I was having a conversation with an old numismatist friend, Professor Dupondius, who collects Roman coins, such as the aureus, sestertius, solidus and antoninianus (double denarius).