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That line on a constitution diagram indicating the temperature below which all metal is solid.
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Simulated stresses show only negligible plastic deformations in short rods during a very small temperature range below solidus temperature, and only in the mold preheated to 392F (200C).
Applying the selected parameters of induction heating, the computed temperatures did not exceed the solidus temperature of copper pipe and also the brass solidus temperature.
Certainly in France and among the people of Aragon, where the name solidus is still found, each solidus is worth twelve denarii.
Gary and Mary West Health Investment Fund, LLC, and Solidus Co.
Straightforward social media integration with new version of Solidus eCare[TM]
e,low], the recalescence, R, solidus temperature, Ts, graphite factor 1, GF1, graphite factor 2, GF2, cooling rate at solidus, d[T.
The pounds stands for Libra - the Latin for pound - and the s, not as one would expect for shilling, but for solidus, another Roman coin.
2% indium, the pasty range of the alloy will change and could result in a solidus temperature around 120[degrees]C, which is problematic for any high-temperature application.
There, twelve dineros are given for a silver solidus, which is almost a cuartillo, (1) and each dinero is worth three liardi.
ACA ABS 2002-1 is a structured finance collateralized debt obligation (SF CDO) that closed on July 29, 2002 and is managed by Solidus Capital, LLC.
Davis was most recently president of the Tarrant County region for Mutual of Omaha Bank and has served as president and CEO of Solidus Bancshares, Fort Worth National Bank, Fidelity Bank and First State Bank.
The curve for the dependent fraction of solidus and liquidus for this steel was calculated using the JMatPro program (Fig.