solid-state detector

sol·id-state de·tec·tor

a detector that uses a crystalline scintillating material rather than an ionization chamber to detect or measure radiation.
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The principal components of the cell are; an optical head housing the laser and thermo-electric cooler (TEC) and a solid-state detector, the cell body with a mirror positioned at the end opposite the laser, gas inlet and outlet connections, and temperature and pressure sensors.
Browse 163 market data Tables and 40 Figures spread through 194 Pages and in-depth TOC on "Radiation Detection, Monitoring, & Safety Market by Product (Detection & Monitoring, Safety), Composition (Gas-filled detectors, Scintillator, Solid-state detector), Application (Healthcare, Homeland Security& Defence, Industrial) - Global Forecast to 2022" The radiation detection and monitoring products segment accounted for the largest share of the market in 2017 On the basis of products, the radiation detection, monitoring, and safety market is segmented into radiation detection and monitoring products and radiation safety products.
"The whole telescope is basically a set of nested reflective mirrors," which are designed to deflect light onto the special solid-state detector, said Koglin.
For the same sensitivity to neutrons, the solid-state detector would contain a 4-centimeter by 4-centimeter square film of boron nitride that is 100 microns thick.
The deal, in line with XCounter's growth strategy, adds Ajat's solid-state detector technologies to XCounter's tomosynthesis, photon counting and electronic capabilities.
At NPE 2003, Automation & Control Technology (ACT) Inc., Dublin, Ohio, introduced a device with a patented solid-state detector, rather than an ionization chamber, adjacent to the x-ray transmitter.
The enabling technology of Sandia's approach is based on a new type of solid-state detector designed with a semiconductor crystal alloy of cadmium, zinc, and telluride, which can operate at room temperature--a key advantage over conventional silicon- and germanium-based devices.
The solid-state detector is incorporated into an isothermal camera design.
is the optic design that utilizes CCD detector technology, which is a solid-state detector rather than traditional photomultiplier tubes.
For about a decade, solid-state detector technology has been used in some spectrometers in place of photo-multiplier tubes (PMT's), because it allowed the design of optics with reduced dimensions (bench-tops or portable spectrometers) and increased flexibility regarding analytical lines selection, multi-matrix applications and up-grades.
PekinElmer's AAnalysis 600 Spectrometer features a solid-state detector for analysis using the complete AA wavelength range.

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