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Any method used by a person to calm himself physically, mentally, or emotionally, usually in preparation for performing an activity requiring concentration—e.g., meditation, an exam, or a sports competition


1.. As part of meditative practice, an attempt to attain a state of self-awareness, relaxation, and psychological balance.
2.. In bodywork, focusing of the mind of the practitioner before beginning a therapeutic session with a patient.


n 1. focusing of the attention to relax and become calm.
2. in therapeutic touch the phase where the practitioner relaxes and brings to bear an internal peace and then a receptiveness to the patient.

Patient discussion about centering

Q. Is fibromyalgia related to Central Nervous System? Is fibromyalgia related to Central Nervous System? Among men and women who is more prone to the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

A. here is a quote from the National Fibromyalgia Association site:

"Little research has been conducted that measures the prevalence of fibromyalgia, and estimates vary widely as to the proportion of male versus female patients. A 1999 epidemiology study conducted in London found a female to male ratio of roughly three to one. However, a 2001 review of the research literature in Current Rheumatology Reports stated the ratio was nine to one."

Q. Do you know where can I find alcoholism treatment centers in Forest Grove, Pennsylvania? My stepmother is asking for my help to find an alcoholism treatment center where she can admit her daughter. Sabina, my stepsister has been addicted to alcohol ever since our dad died. Though we weren't very close, I still want her back to her normal state for she's still my sister. Please help me.

A. Look in the phone book for AA or Alcoholics Anonymous and call and you will find the best answer for your particular questions. Don't wait.

Pittsburgh Area Central Office
401 Wood Street
Suite 906
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
United States

24 Hour Answering Service (Washington, PA)
Washington, PENNSYLVANIA 15301
United States

521 Club, The - A recovery clubhouse. Hosts Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. (717) 299-9397 or (717) 509-6920. 2400 Butter Road. Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Northeastern Pennsylvania Alcoholics Anonymous - Includes Forest City, Hotline (570) 654-0488.

Q. What happens in rehab centers? How do they “cure” alcoholics and drug addicts?

A. REHAB;for alcoholics are the same as rehabs for drugs addicted people--alcohol is a drug,people learn how to deal with ther disease,they learn how to ask for help when they fell like drinking,they learn how to go to meetings everyday,they learn how to stay away from people places and things that remind them of drinking(bars)(friends).rehabs DO NOT CURE YOU they teach you how to cure yourself or stay away from alcohol/drugs---mrfoot56---peace

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Triple-wall PE pipe has existed for decades, but was previously made using spiral-wound solid ribs between separately extruded skins.
Traditional solid ribs are limited to 60% of nominal wall thickness if you want to avoid sinks.
Parts can be hollow overall with randomly dispersed solid ribs, or they can be designed with localized hollow channels as in conventional gas-assist techniques, says Ed Hunerberg, Johnson Controls' director of engineering.