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This new plant will be one of the cleanest solid-fuel plants of its kind and will give Cleco the flexibility to burn a variety of cheaper solid fuels and significantly reduce its consumption of expensive natural gas.
Przedmiotem contract is the service of boiler water low-temperature and low-pressure steam solid fuel (Grudziadz, Jamy) and water boiler high-temperature and low-pressure steam-fired solid fuel (Group gm.
by type of energy (natural gas, oil, solid fuel and others)
size or scope of the contract: Design and execution of investments including liquidation of solid fuel stoves and connected to the municipal heating network, together with the implementation of substations, installation of central heating and hot water in 4 municipal residential buildings located in Poznan: 1.
We are confident this first commercial facility utilizing the Accordant technology will improve recycling performance and landfill diversion while providing a renewable solid fuel for cement kilns and utility and industrial boilers.
In general, heating of solid fuels is cheapest and electricity is the most expensive.
The European Environment Agency found much of the problem was caused by solid fuels and diesel.
We are consistently seeing that solid fuel ramjets will fly about three times the distance as a solid rocket motor of the same size," Walker said.
One possibility is a two-stage solid fuel replacement for the Nodong (Rodong).
Eighty-two percent of Nepal's population uses solid fuels as cooking energy, with 76 percent of this solid fuel use for cooking coming from firewood.
Purchase of electricity from Kazakhstan and solid fuel for the Bishkek combined heat and power plant required more than 3 billion som ($50.
There is also a sitting room, once again with a solid fuel burning stove, sun lounge with oak glazing and access out to the rear garden areas.