soleus muscle

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so·le·us mus·cle

(sō'lē-ŭs mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, posterior surface of head and upper third of shaft of fibula, oblique line and middle third of medial margin of tibia, and a tendinous arch passing between tibia and fibula over the popliteal vessels; insertion, with gastrocnemius by tendo calcaneus (tendo achillis) into tuberosity of calcaneus; action, plantar flexion of foot; nerve supply, tibial.
Synonym(s): musculus soleus [TA] .
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In the presence of 100 ng/mL of myostatin, soleus muscles showed a 20% increase in overall proteolysis after 4 h of incubation (nmol of tyrosine x [mg.
Its branches to both heads of the gastrocnemius and the posterior soleus muscle were suggested to be used as donors, to restore the function of the deep fibular nerve in cases of high sciatic nerve injury (Flores, 2009).
The TPTT was found significantly longer in isolated soleus muscle but not in EDL muscle of diabetic group.
In addition, the soleus muscle tissues were cut out and, after measuring the weight, they were stored in a freezer (-80[degrees]C) for further usage.
Anti-GLUT4 (ab33780; Abcam, Cambridge, UK) was used for soleus muscle sections, and anti-insulin (SC-9168; Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.
The soleus muscle thickness (MT) was measured with a real-time B-mode ultrasonography using a linear array 11-MHz ultra-sound probe (Logiq Book XP, General Electric[TM], USA) positioned perpendicularly to the calcaneous tendon 2 cm below the medial and lateral gastrocnemius bellies.
mRNA levels (d) were determined by qPCR and were expressed relative to soleus muscle.
Wales star Bale came off in Real's 4-0 Champions League victory over Shakhtar Donetsk on Tuesday and was later diagnosed with a soleus muscle injury.
3)-stained sections of soleus muscle (Figure 1a, i and ii), the proportion of lightly stained Type II fibers in the L-NAME group was apparently higher than that in the control group.
The effect of TENS, administered via non-invasive surface electrodes to acupoints in the leg, on H-reflex of the soleus muscle has not been previously studied.
This takes the Gastrocnemius muscle) out of the stretch but will stretch the Soleus muscle lower down in the back of the leg.