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the bottom of the foot; called also sole. adj., adj plan´tar.


(sōl), [TA]
The plantar surface or under part of the foot.
Synonym(s): planta [TA], pelma


The underside of the foot.


adjective Only noun The bottom of the foot


(sōl) [TA]
The plantar surface or underside of the foot.
Synonym(s): planta [TA] .

Patient discussion about sole

Q. What causes a warm sensation in your foot I have a warm sensation at sole of left foot lasting 5-10 second From time to time I get a warm sensation at the sole of my foot lasting about 5-10 seconds. Started about 2 months ago.

A. Frankly? Although it's tempting to try to give you diagnosis here, these kinds of complaints are so varied and can point to so many different directions I would refrain from doing it. In my opinion you should see a doctor. It's impossible to give a diagnosis based on one line. Sorry...

Q. after a pedicure, the soles of my feet are dark w/freckles, skin is itchy/thick, my derm says its eczema,help! the pedicure was in fall, 2002. I mad a mistake and wore nylon boots during a storm, the dye never fully disappeared. I would scrub the soles of my feet until I couldn't walk. However, within the last 4 months both heels are itchy, thick, dark-er and now they both have dark legions/ freckles have formed.

A. Are you sure you are going to a clean sterile saloon? It is very important to make sure they use sterile tools for a pedicure because they can transfer fungal infections very easily. Either way you should see a dermatologist to get the right kind of cream treatment for your feet.

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