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The action of Part Two, published in 1615, and the second summer of the same solar year, has to take place after 1614 with the intervention of Roque Guinart, Avellaneda's spurious sequel, and the Morisco question, the Spain of Felipe III.
Eventually the Greeks adopted a more accurate period known as the Metonic cycle, which equates 19 solar years with 235 lunar months.
Addressing those at the inaugural ceremony of Toghchi-Behsud infrastructure project, the MRRD Minister said, The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development has completed a total of 4171 projects from 1382 to 1393 solar year throughout 22 districts of Nangarhar province at a sum of USD 83 million and 400 thousand.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Authorities in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province said nearly 2,000 militants have been killed in the ongoing Solar year which is going to be ended in few days.
Bara Khan, head of the Paktika Students' Association, said the authorities had promised to build the schools by the end of the last solar year .
433 billion deficit for the first 11 months of the current solar year (started on March 21, 2013), the Iranian Custom Administration reported on Feb.
The security transition which was announced by President Hamid Karzai on first of new solar year will be completed by the end of 2014.
The shortest day of the year often falls on December 21, but this year the Druid and Pagan community marked the first day of winter yesterday because the modern calendar of 365 days a year - with an extra day every four years - does not correspond exactly to the solar year of 365.
It happens at about the same time every solar year, so it corresponds to the seasons, and it provides them a good fixed date," he added.
Also as the Muslim year is shorter than the Solar year, the date is different each year, some years there are two festivals in one (Gregorian) calendar year.
Today the Gregorian calendar is known to be 26 seconds a year out of synch with the solar year and both Russia and Iran have since introduced more accurate ones.
The Greeks called the 8-year cycle the octaeteris, and they used it as a guide for inserting additional 30-day months to bring their lunar calendar back into harmony with the solar year.