solar maculopathy

so·lar mac·u·lop·a·thy

damage to the fovea centralis of the retina and the adjacent choroid due to the thermal action of infrared rays, consequent to sungazing or watching a solar eclipse without sufficient eye protection.
See also: photoretinopathy.
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(mak?yu-lop'a-the) [ macula + -pathy]
Retinal pathology affecting the macula of the eye.

bulls-eye maculopathy

Any form of macular dystrophy in which retinal examination reveals a degenerating round or oval region with pigment loss around the macula. Central, irreversible visual loss is a characteristic finding.

cellophane maculopathy

Macular pucker.

crystalline maculopathy

Benign refractile crystals in the retinal macula without visual impairment.

drug-induced maculopathy

Damage to the macula of the eye due to exposure to certain drugs, e.g., hydroxychloroquine (to treat autoimmune disorders) or tamoxifen. Patients experience a painless decrease in visual acuity that may resolve when the responsible drug is discontinued.

hypotony maculopathy

Folding or wrinkling of the retina or choroid that results from excessively low intraocular pressure, usually less than 5 mm Hg.

myopic maculopathy

Macular injury due to extreme nearsightedness
Synonym: myopic traction maculopathy

myopic traction maculopathy

Myopic maculopathy.

neovascular maculopathy

Any macular disease, including age-related macular degeneration, in which new, abnormal blood vessels grow in the retina, leak blood, and interfere with vision.

radiation maculopathy

Damage to the macula of the eye due to irradiation. It may occur after radiotherapy for ocular melanoma.

solar maculopathy

Eclipse blindness.

torpedo maculopathy

A congenital nevus of the retinal pigment epithelium, usually an asymptomatic finding on retinal examination.

Valsalva maculopathy

See: Valsalva, Antonio M.
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Solar maculopathy is included in the differential diagnosis for a macular hole.